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RSS feeds

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  Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds permit those interested in a blog to receive rapid updates on new posts. For example, when using Mozilla Firefox (, drag and drop the orange RSS icon to your links bar; every time you will scroll your mouse over this icon, you will see the most recent posts. You […]


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The European Directory of DNA diagnostic Laboratories is another very useful ressource for clinical geneticists. It lists European DNA-based diagnostic services. Philippe Campeau

RAMEDIS, the Rare Metabolic Diseases Database

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Ramedis is a web-based information system for inborn errors of metabolism. Clinical information is entered on specific cases by clinicians world-wide, and can be analyzed easily. This makes it a perfect system for studying rare disorders. It now comprises over 700 patients with over 90 disorders. Please visit Ramedis for more information. Philippe Campeau, MD […]

Rare bleeding disorder database

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The primary aim of database is to determine the distribution of each rare bleeding disorder in the world, and their available treatments. Please visit to participate in the database. For more information on rare bleeding disorders, please visit OMMBID Part 19: Chapters 169 – 183. Thank you very much in advance for your contributions […]